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July 30, 2011 by WeatherBound
Running Windows 7 32bit latest version of DX and windowblinds   Every time windowblinds is running and try to start DX up.  Dx  will give a error message and not run. When I unload windowblinds. Then try to start up Dx works perfect.   Any fixes? anyone else have this problem?   Thanks WeatherBound
October 31, 2007 by WeatherBound
Does SysMetrix work on Vista? Just wondering if any of you have it running on vista and if so, is it working or are there issues?
June 23, 2007 by WeatherBound
Stardock and everyone who reads this.I just downloaded the new update for Windowblinds via Stardock central and my AVG antiviruse detected 7 infected files in the new update.Can some explaine to me why or how this can happen.