Published on October 31, 2007 By WeatherBound In OS Customization
Does SysMetrix work on Vista?

Just wondering if any of you have it running on vista and if so, is it working or are there issues?

on Nov 02, 2007
Just in case any of you vista users are interested in this.

SysMetrix works just fine with Vista
on Nov 02, 2007
I wish that were the case but for me, it does not seem to like Vista Ultimate 64 bit. Not sure why but crashes pretty regularly if it loads at all. Shame, because it was probably one of the most used products I have ever put on my systems.
on Nov 02, 2007
The only thing that i have found that does not work is the network meters the ins and outs. seems like everything else works.

Sorry to here that Wet Monkey
on Nov 10, 2007
Dang, mine worked until I restarted. Now every time I start any version of it tells me I'm missing a file even after multiple installs.
on Nov 10, 2007

What version of Vista are you running it on?

Seems like Vista Ultimate 64 bit has some issues with it.