Found 7 trojans in the new update of windowblinds
Published on June 23, 2007 By WeatherBound In OS Customization
Stardock and everyone who reads this. I just downloaded the new update for Windowblinds via Stardock central and my AVG antiviruse detected 7 infected files in the new update. Can some explaine to me why or how this can happen.
on Jun 23, 2007
on Jun 23, 2007
any time a red flag shows up. you need to worry and never take it lightly.
I hope it is a fasle alarm, But i will uninstall WB till the flag turns green.
As of today 6/23/2007 AVG says it is still a threat.
Thanks Zubaz for the fast response.
on Jun 23, 2007

AVG is in error here.

on Jun 23, 2007
I agree, I trust Stardock more than I trust AVG (or anything else for that matter).
on Jun 23, 2007
Spent more time than I care to remember today putting together emails for them and F-Secure. Kaspersky seems to have gotten their updates out already. This is a false positive. That file hasn't changed since 2005 (apart from being digitally signed earlier this year).
on Jun 23, 2007
The thing that bugs me is that i have a anti-virus program that im suposed to trust in protecting my computer. Whether its AVG,Kaspersky,F-Secure,mcfee or zoneAlarm all programs that you are to trust.
But then something like this happens. why even have a anti-virus program if you can not trust what they put out. there should be no false positives .
I wonder how many others false positive are out there that we have taken and deleted out of are system.
So who am i to trust to protect my computer.

The neighbor(Stardock) or a police officer(Anti-virus)

As for stardock, I have used for many years. and i also trust them and will always use there programs.

It just stinks that something like this can happen
on Jun 23, 2007

False positives annoy the crap out of people, particularly those whose products are wrongly 'flagged'.

False negatives on the other hand are much more of a problem, particularly for the consumer as they mean both the AV proggy is deficient AND the computer is compromised....

on Jun 23, 2007
It is highly educational to type "antivirus false positives" into your favorite search engine. Some highlights that I found:

November 15, 2006 (Computerworld) -- Microsoft Corp.'s fledgling consumer antivirus service, Windows Live OneCare, wrongly identified Google's Gmail service as a virus infection last week, Microsoft has acknowledged. (Link)

September 01, 2006 (IDG News Service) -- CA Inc. caused some headaches this week after its antivirus software inadvertently flagged part of the Windows operating system as malware. (

May 18, 2007 (Computerworld) --A signature update to Symantec Corp.'s antivirus software crippled thousands of Chinese PCs Friday when the security software mistook two critical Windows .dll files for malware.

Those are just some highlights....there are lots more.
on Jun 24, 2007
Larry Kuperman, Thanks for the link.

Anti-Virus programs should really do there homework before they update there software.
on Jun 24, 2007

I think it is probably only a matter of time before someone ends up suing an AV company for incorrectly flagging a product as a malware.

They are in a position to seriously harm the reputation of companies and they need to take more responsibility for their actions.  Taking this recent false positive as an example, AVG does not say it thinks the file might be a threat it says it is a threat.

on Jun 24, 2007
Just to let everyone no. As of 6/24/2007 Avg has finaly updated and took the false positive away. Windowblinds is safe again. LoL

on Jun 24, 2007

I think it is probably only a matter of time before someone ends up suing an AV company for incorrectly flagging a product as a malware.

That rings a bell somewhere....I think it's already been done/tried....

on Jun 29, 2007
now thats funny, these billion $ corporations that supply our computer software can't take the time and show some intelligence and perhaps get on the same page so stupid and very avoidable mistakes like this don't happen. i take that back this isn't funny its sad and makes me sick!!!