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February 3, 2009 by WeatherBound
I lost my password in a Old XP notebook.   Is there a way to start XP. without password?  
January 14, 2009 by WeatherBound
I have vista and was running One-Care Anti virus and firewall.  Some how a virus came into my system. I have uninstalled One-Care and installed Avast Antivirus software that has a boot scan. I did the boot scan and it found 5 viruses on my system. Avast took care of those. I installed Comodo firewall just because i think it better to have a firewall installed. I then Installed MalwareByts Anti malware soft-wear and it found one attack. And deleted it.   So far all sounds go...
March 22, 2008 by WeatherBound
I was wondering if any one else has this version  of BIOS  Hewlett-Packard F.3D installed on a HP notebook. I have a HP dv6308nr Pavilion notebook. The problem is the fan never shut off or speeds up. It always stays at the same speed. I have sent my notebook twice Hp to get this fixed and they keep on sending it back with the problem not solved. I decided to contact HP one more time and they said that this F.3d version of Bios has the fan problem that the fan stays on all the tim...