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Published on March 22, 2008 By WeatherBound In Personal Computing
I was wondering if any one else has this version  of BIOS  Hewlett-Packard F.3D installed on a HP notebook.

I have a HP dv6308nr Pavilion notebook. The problem is the fan never shut off or speeds up. It always stays at the same speed.

I have sent my notebook twice Hp to get this fixed and they keep on sending it back with the problem not solved. I decided to contact HP one more time and they said that this F.3d version of Bios has the fan problem that the fan stays on all the time and there is nothing They can do to fix it. Basically I'm stuck with it till they make a new version of Bios.

If any one has this F.3D version of Bios installed on your notebook. Can you please tell me if your fan stays on all the time.

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on Mar 22, 2008
WB, sometimes this sort of problem is caused by program putting a huge load on the CPU which in turn makes the fan work overtime. It happened to my ASUS laptop and I found that the ASUS wireless hardware and software was at fault. Easy solution in my case was to pick up a 50 buck Linksys card and problem solved. You can easily find out if something is battering your CPU by pulling up the Task Manager. Press ctrl-alt-delete simultaneously and you'll bring up the Task Manager. Click the Performance tab and let the machine settle for about 30 seconds and watch the graph. What is it saying the CPU useage is over a two minute period? Is it fairly stable in the single figures? Make sure you have nothing running at the time when you do this   
on Mar 22, 2008
WWW Link

Yes, it fixes the fan problem.
on Mar 22, 2008

I did the download again and it was the same version I had installed already.
like i said i did it again just to see if they updated it since the last time.
So my fan still runs all the time.

Thanks for the help though

Leo the lion

Hp did a wole lot of things and test to my note book. They replaced my motherboard and heat sensor and fan. task manager is pretty quiet when I just leave it.
I did crash my computer and started over just in case there was some hidden proses that was overloading my notebook. So basically there really is nothing installed on my computer that didn't come with HP except stardock stuff.

Thanks Leo the Lion
on Mar 22, 2008
The bios works. Boot into bios and enable 'PowerNow' and/or 'Cool & Quiet'.
on Mar 22, 2008

Not sure what you mean.

How do you boot into bios?
on Mar 22, 2008
When it's booting up, before the bootskin, press DEL to get into the BIOS setup. There you can change the settings.
on Mar 22, 2008
Bebi Bulma
I did that and nothing happened.

It does give me a choice of Esc Or F10. Not sure witch one to do.
on Mar 22, 2008
on Mar 22, 2008
I will give it a try
on Mar 22, 2008
The bios works. Boot into bios and enable 'PowerNow' and/or 'Cool & Quiet'.

Ok, I got in there but there is no thing in there that gives me those options.

Is there asub menue i need to get into? I went into bios options but no 'PowerNow or 'cool and quiet .
on Mar 22, 2008
On my hp desktops F1 goes directly too BIOS.

If it's any consellation my fans never shut off either they just keep a constant slow flow over the cpu,if however the alloy heat sink gets gunked with fluff then the fan will increase & decrease as needed until i clean the crap from it,other than that it never increases or turns off while comp is running.i can't think what the point would be of having your cpu fan off as it would'nt take long for the cpu to heat up but then again i've never had a lappy,the only fan i had that did what you want was on an AGP graph card
on Mar 22, 2008
I pulled the bios on that model....even by HP standards, it stinks. AMD provdes PowerNow and Cool & Quiet technology and HP uses neither...go figure. All who had this 'fan' problem say the bios fixed it, so the only thing I can think of is in the Windows/HP Power Options.

From their site:

Control Processor Throttling

You can control the processor throttling through Power Options in Control Panel.

Click Start > Control Panel .
When the Control Panel window appears, select Hardware and Sound .
When the Hardware and sound window opens, select Power Options .
Alternatively, you may also right-click on the power icon in the system tray beside the clock and select Power Options from the dropdown menu.
Once the Power Options window has appeared, you may select from three plans:
>HP Recommended
Provides a balance between power conservation and performance.
>Power saver
Use Power saver mode when you're unable to plug into a wall outlet for DC power.
>High performance
Use High performance mode when you're plugged into a wall outlet and need the best processor responsiveness.
You may also customize any of these power plans by clicking Change plan settings .
on Mar 22, 2008

The fan needs to jump on and off so when you are Battery power it saves on Battery.
Right now my notebooks battery stays on if lucky 1/2h and thats it.
I bought this notebook 6 months ago. Battery should not be bad. Did a test with it and it failed so HP is sending me a new one. The bios may be giving a false read on battery though.
Or thats what HP said to me.
on Mar 22, 2008
I should have added...whatever the power option is set to now, change it and see if it makes any difference as it relates to the fan (btw: that fan will never (and shouldn't) go off completely. Only the RPM's drop)
on Mar 22, 2008

I have done that already. I have had it on power saver.
Between HP and me. I think we have tried everything possible for this problem.
It just bugs the heck out of me. Thats why i wanted to see if any one elese has this problem after updating the bios. If there is no one with this same problem. I will demand hp to give me a new computer.
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